Electrolysis can treat thread veins and broken capillaries on the face and upper body. The ultra-fine needle cauterises blood in the damaged area to clear the blemish. A consultation is required to check suitability and to discuss realistic results. Most veins can be treated in a single session, although some may require more than one treatment. Full results can be seen after four weeks and careful aftercare is essential.

Aftercare: Fine crusts will appear over the treated area as the skin heals. It must be kept dry for 24-48 hours after treatment. Avoid sun exposure for six weeks to limit the risk of pigmentation.

Please note: Not suitable for legs and lower body, if you have a pacemaker, take blood-thinning medication, have any blood disease, during pregnancy, if you are prone to pigmentation or on darker skin types.

A free-of-charge consultation is required prior to your first treatment.

Up to 15 mins £85

*This treatments is performed by a freelance therapist and is therefore not subject to VAT.

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