The YOU Clinic Acne Facial
(45 mins)
A treatment more than a facial that combines desincrustation, extraction, blue LED and high frequency with the Medik8 Acne range of products to cleanse skin of acne-causing bacteria and unwanted toxins, which will make it more receptive to your homecare range. This treatment is highly effective at controlling excess sebum production, eliminating the reoccurrence of blackheads and softening skin to help it heal and repair.

To achieve the best results it’s important to use the correct homecare products. We highly recommend the Medik8 Acne range, as salon treatments alone cannot give the necessary 24/7 anti-oxidant treatment to fight bacteria.

Therapist £65 Course of three £175

The YOU Clinic Back Facial
(45 mins)
A treatment to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. Can include blackhead extraction if this is a concern and high frequency for blemished skin, helping to reduce back acne. This is the ideal treatment before any special event where your back will be on show.

Therapist £65 Course of three £175

The YOU Clinic Acne Facial with Back Facial
(90 mins)
The perfect treatment for anyone suffering with problematic skin on the back, chest and face. These areas are targeted using galvanic current to deep clean, extraction where needed, and high frequency to reduce excess sebum production and inflamed acne, together with manual techniques to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate.

Please note: Electrical facials are not suitable for those who are pregnant or have a pacemaker. Please also make your therapist aware if you suffer with diabetes or light-induced epilepsy.

Therapist £110 Course of three £295

Skin Peel For Acne Skin
Rapidly brings acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future scarring. This targets blocked pores, comedones (whiteheads) and skin inflammation. We recommended a course of six treatments taken two weeks apart. Prepay for five treatments and receive your sixth FREE.

A free-of-charge consultation is required one week prior to your first treatment.

Acids: L-Mandelic (almond) 5%, L-Lactic (milk) 20%, Salicylic (wintergreen) 14%, Azelaic (barley) 10%.

Please note: Skin peels are not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding; has active cold sores or history of herpes simplex; skin with open wounds; sunburnt skin; excessively sensitive skin; dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis; inflammatory rosacea; history of allergies; rashes or skin reactions; sensitive to any of the components of this treatment; allergy to salicylates (ie, aspirin); who has taken Roaccutane or Accutane within the past six months; had chemotherapy or radiation therapy; who suffers keloid scarring.

£95 45 mins

For further treatment information, click here to request our FAQ brochure.

Laser Acne Treatment
Ellipse Nordlys can help clear acne, and reduce the inflammation and redness caused by the condition, leaving skin visibly clearer and smoother. A course of treatments at three-week intervals is recommended. Ellipse Nordlys is only suitable for those with light to medium skin colour. Sun exposure should be avoided for 30 days before and after each treatment.

Please note: Ellipse I2PL is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding; has a pacemaker, heart disease, epilepsy, lupus, diabetes, cancer, haemophilia, auto-immune disorder, vitiligo; is taking anti-coagulant medication; suffers keloid scarring.

Area Price Course of Three
Consultation & Patch Test £20 (redeemable against your first treatment) £20
Face or Neck £125 £340
Face & Neck £150 £400
Face, Neck & Decollete £175 £475
Decollete £125 £340
Back £125 £340

For further treatment information, click here to request our FAQ brochure.