Ingrowing Hairs

Ingrowing hairs can be painful and can be caused by shaving, epilating and waxing. Electrolysis can remove the trapped hair with minimal trauma to the skin and surrounding area. Only hairs that are visible can be treated. If the area is inflamed or cyst-like you should seek advice from your GP. Do not try to squeeze out an ingrown hair, as you can push it deeper into the skin or cause scarring.

Aftercare: Skin should be kept clean, dry and make-up free for 24 hours after treatment. Avoid sun exposure and heat, eg, steam, sauna or hot yoga, for 48 hours. Antiseptic cream to heal and soothe is recommended for two days after treatment.

Please note: Not suitable if you have a pacemaker, take blood-thinning medication, have any blood disease or during pregnancy.

15 mins £35
20 mins £45
30 mins £55

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