Laser Nail Fungus & Wart Treatment

At the YOU Clinic we have exclusive use of the Ellipse Nordlys Laser in Chiswick and the surrounding areas until the end of 2018. This is the latest machine to be produced on the market, giving outstanding results using SWT and Nd:Yag laser options.

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) can affect finger or toe nails.
There is a huge and growing base of patients who need a definitive onychomycosis / nail fungus treatment. A treatment that is more effective than topical solutions and at least as effective as systemic anti-fungal, but without the long-term commitment, and especially without the risk of side effects associated with systemic drugs.

Ellipse’s Nd:YAG laser uses a “painting” technique to apply several shots per second, across the whole nail, cuticle and toenail folds. 5 laser passes are applied per nail and a unique pass counter keeps track of each pass.

The onychomycosis Nd:YAG laser treatment is pain-free. Ellipse’s patented SoftCool® cooling system sends a continuous jet of cool air across the treatment area. This increases patient comfort, while still allowing the nail-bed to reach the desired temperature.

How does an Nd:YAG laser work on onychomycosis?
The exact mechanism of nail fungus treatment is not totally known. Heating the fungus is one major factor, but introducing a sub-millisecond pulse adds a “photo-acoustic” effect to the treatment, weakening the cell structure of the fungus.

A series of flashes of infrared light is aimed across the whole nail, including the nail folds (the skin immediately surrounding the sides and base of the nail). This heats up and destroys the fungus that is present. To ensure complete coverage, the whole series of pulses is repeated four times, and the individual flashes overlap each other.

Treatments plan
4 Treatments are required. 3 sessions on a weekly basis then 1 treatment 1 month later. Depending on how the new nail tissue is growing, you may need additional treatment atpost-treatment New healthy nail tissue can take 9-12 months to grow post treatment.

Wart Removal
Ellipse uses an Nd.YAG laser to provide a fast effective treatment of resistant warts (those which do not respond to other treatment methods). An intense beam of infrared light is used to burn and destroy the wart tissue. A local anaesthetic may be given depending on the number and location of warts.
A single burst of light is enough for smaller warts, whereas larger ones – such as plantar or mosaic warts found on the soles of the feet – may require multiple shots to ensure the whole area is treated. To assist the light to penetrate the skin, any callus or area of dead skin present will be thinned out using a razor or scalpel, and a thin layer of optical coupling gel will be applied.

A wart is a skin growth caused by some types of the virus called the human papilloma virus (HPV). Most warts go away on their own within months or years; 50% disappear in 18 months or less. Their removal can be speeded up by using Silver nitrate solution or salicylic acid, or by freezing. The over-the-counter freezing kits using CO2 are not as effective as having a treatment using liquid nitrogen in a doctor’s practice.
If the treatment methods above are not successful the wart is classified as recalcitrant and is suitable for Ellipse Wart Treatment.


Nail Fungus Nd:YAG Price Course of four
Consultation & Patch Test (redeemable against your first treatment) £20
10 Fingers or Toes (45 mins) £140 £475
Wart Removal Nd:YAG Price Course of four
Consultation & Patch Test (redeemable against your first treatment) £20
1 session (30 mins) £140 n/a

Please note: Ellipse Nordlys is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding; has a pacemaker, heart disease, epilepsy, lupus, diabetes, cancer, haemophilia, auto-immune disorder, vitiligo; is taking anti-coagulant medication; suffers keloid scarring.

Standards of care
The YOU Clinic has been successfully treating clients with Ellipse since 2007 and is an approved and authorised Ellipse Partner, so you can expect to receive excellent service from a fully trained Ellipse therapist.